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Services by Windsor Cavaliers

Services by Windsor Cavaliers

Intl CH Stud Services

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With a focus on quality and genetic excellence, Windsor Cavaliers - Stud Services is …
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Intl CH Stud Services

IABCA Intl CH Prince Phillip Mountbarking Windsor , AKC, UKC

With a focus on quality and genetic excellence, Windsor Cavaliers - Stud Services is proud to offer you the opportunity to elevate your breeding endeavors with our remarkable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Stud, International Champion - Prince Phillip Mountbarking Windsor registered with IABCA, AKC, and UKC. With champion bloodlines and a lineage fit for royalty, Phillip stands as a beacon of grace and charm in the realm of canine companionship. His 14-pound frame holds the key to unlocking a world of top-notch genetics, ready to enhance your breeding program or enrich your fur family with superior quality. From producing exquisite Cava doodles to Cavapoos and beyond, Phillip's impressive track record as an International Champion speaks volumes about his stunning looks and impeccable health.

Not only is Phillip genetically exceptional but he also boasts a clean bill of health with Embark Testing clearances for various hereditary conditions and is quadruple clear. He is proven with three successful litters, able to produce Blenheim, Ruby, and Tri-Colored pups so far, showcases the diversity he brings to any breeding endeavor. Whether you're seeking natural breeding services (current vaccinations must be provided first includding kennel cough) or considering AI options at Nible Heritage Animal Hospital, rest assured that Phillip's prowess extends far beyond just physical appearances—he is intelligent, loving, and adored wherever he goes.

With non-registered stud services starting at $500 for the first tie and $100 each tie after paid at time of service, accompanied by additional perks like boarding arrangements and complimentary at-home dog pregnancy test kits from Bellylabs after three ties—Windsor Cavaliers offers a comprehensive package tailored for those looking to elevate their breeding programs with regal flair.

To ensure utmost quality control and adherence to standards set by registered breed associations such as AKC & UKC—only approved females will be granted access to registered stud services from Prince Phillip Mountbarking Windsor himself. Stud fee will be the sale price of the pups or Pick-of-the-litter. These options are reserved exclusively for such approved females while payment terms are flexible yet straightforward: fees due at each service session guarantee peace of mind knowing that an unsuccessful pregnancy cycle entitles you to future breeding oportunities free-of-charge the next heat cycle or at discounted rates following cycle—all backing our commitment towards fostering healthy litters under royal guidance provided by Windsor Cavaliers Stud Services.

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Important Points

Choosing one of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups means choosing unparalleled companionship for years to come.

Puppy Prices

Males start at $3000 and Females $4000 for limited AKC Registration.

*Full AKC registration may be available to approved homes for an additional $2000.

How to Reserve a Puppy?

A non-refundable security deposit will be required to reserve a puppy. Deposits generally are 1/3 of the full purchase price.

Electronic Bank Transfers, Cash or Cashiers Checks are prefered.

All mobile payments (PayPal, Venmo, etc...) will have all applicable fees and taxes added to the total.

We will accept a check for the deposit as long as there is at least a full week before you plan on picking up the puppy. 

We will Not accept personal checks during pickup. 


What all is included?

Puppy Packs and Records

Your adorable puppy comes with AKC limited registration papers, giving the new owner the option to register it with the AKC at their own expense. Your pup will have already received its first round of vaccinations during a vet visit and check up with a shot record included.

As a bonus, a puppy bag will be provided, complete with a cozy blanket that smells like its mother and litter mates, food samples, toys, paperwork, and helpful information to make the transition to a new home seamless.

Get ready for some tail-wagging fun!